Reverse Vending Machine


Ecoboxtec’s C.BOX collects, processes, sorts and reduces the size of beverage containers eligible in the Australian Container Deposit Schemes with up to 5 material streams accepted through a single in-feed.


  • Separate storage for glass
  • Material can be stored in large wheelie bins or bulk bags
  • Easy cleaning
  • Basic verification through the touchscreen
  • 1, 2 and 3 entry point

One person, one bottle and one community at a time.

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The C.BOX 3 has been designed for medium to high volumes of recyclable containers. Its compact size (size of 1 carpark) keeps footprint to a minimum allowing placement in the most convenient locations. Easy to use, efficient and consumer friendly. Each in-feed features a 360 degrees camera system, a shape recognition module (using AI), a metal detector and weight measurement, the containers collected get sorted by material type and colour before being flattened/shredded.

1 Entry Point Specs

2 Entry Points Specs


3 Entry Points Specs

What's Eligible

Customers returning their beverage container to one of our products are eligible for a refund of 10 cents for each container deposited.

Accepted containers are containers between 250ml and 3L including : aluminium and steel cans, PET plastics bottles (clear and coloured), HDPE bottles, liquid paperboard, and glass bottles.

To enable effective identification by the scanners, it is advised not to crush the containers or remove the labels.

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