Compactor Bin

Australia’s best compactor – the toughest and most advanced compacting solution for busy spaces.

B.240 Compactor Bin

Discover an innovative waste management solution with the compactor bin: the ultimate answer to the problems of litter overflow and pest
control. Discover the B.240, a compactor bin powered by solar or electric energy that:

  • Holds up to five times more waste than a standard bin, reducing the need for frequent emptying.
  • Fits perfectly into 240-litre wheeled bins for effortless waste removal
  • Reduces collection frequency by up to 80%, helping to combat waste build-up and pest problems.
  • Provides real-time data transmission for easy monitoring via a dedicated phone app.

Optional Features

Graphic Wraps
Wifi Router
compactor bin


Less Manpower

Save on labour costs by streamlining and optimising waste operations.

Cleaner Streets

Reduce everything from overflows to rodent and insect issues for cleaner, healthier streets.

Remote Access 24/7

Less frequent collections and less inefficient collections by visiting empty bins (Bin level live monitoring).

Popular Locations

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