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WHO WE ARE Innovative Sustainable Engaged Responsible


To accelerate and facilitate community engagement towards a greener future.


At Ecoboxtec, we are convinced that everyone can do their part to create a more sustainable world. That’s why we are dedicated to providing innovative solutions that enable communities to adopt new recycling habits.


We believe trust is the foundation of healthy relationships for a team to be reliable and work efficiently.

This is the catalyst for progress and innovation. We value motivation and a desire to progress, grow and succeed over experience. At Ecoboxtec, we are constantly learning about the latest technology, process, and skill.

We care about what we do, that is how we produce high-quality work. We recognise the importance of effort, dedication and perseverance to make an environmental impact.

Founder and Director

Julien Craeye

Julien is a committed and environmentally conscious entrepreneur. Over the last fifteen years exploring natural environments, he has become concerned about the state of the planet and its potential impact on the future of his children. He is a graduate of the University of Queensland, and went on to start his first business operating in the import of premium boutique French wines. After 5 years of operation and a fast-growing business, Julien was able to step away from the day-to-day management to focus his energy on Ecoboxtec. Drawing on his leadership experience and vision, Julien leads the company,  providing innovative solutions to encourage and accelerate behavioural changes.

Advisory Board


Vincent Pons CPA

Vincent is an experienced executive skilled in various areas, including Corporate and Business Strategies, Working capital management and HR and HSE management. He has worked in different departments of businesses and across multiple industries such as manufacturing, ICT, building and construction, and engineering. He enjoys outdoor activities such as golfing and kitesurfing with his family.


Alain Zagouri

Alain is a former Group VP and key account executive at ABB for over 25 years, providing expertise in business strategy, management, product manufacturing, and cost optimisation. He has held various management positions at ABB, including General Manager of Power Products and Power System Divisions and GM for Robotics and Energy, leading several profit centers successfully. Alain has worked globally, including in Australia, and has a deep understanding of the waste and utility industry, having dealt with key industry leaders in the USA and Europe.


Danny Conlon

Danny’s career began in the trade union movement, where he acquired skills and relationships that have benefited his leadership roles. He is an astute advocate who can navigate complex issues and negotiate outcomes in demanding environments. Danny’s journey started as an entry-level supervisor at Collex Waste Management and culminated in leading Veolia’s Australian and New Zealand operations as Managing Director and CEO.

Danny’s extensive professional experience spans various regions, including Asia, North America, the Middle East, Europe, and the UK. He has a comprehensive understanding of local investment drivers, technologies, regulatory frameworks, and infrastructure requirements.

As an experienced Board, Executive, and leadership team member, Danny has successfully led workforces of over 4000, building team cohesion, safety mindset, commitment, and performance improvement during periods of intense organisational and market change.


Erin Priest LLB

Erin is in-house legal counsel for ASX listed company Vita Group Limited. 

Having worked in the legal industry for 23 years, Erin applies her breadth of commercial legal experience to a variety of matters concerning the business, from contractual matters with investors and commercial participants to business strategy, always ensuring the interests of Ecoboxtec are protected. 


Ecology & technology

Join our team and be part of a young and innovative company that’s reshaping the recycling industry! At Ecoboxtec, we are always on the lookout for talented individuals who share our passion for excellence and drive for success. Whether you’re an experienced professional or just starting out, we offer exciting career growth opportunities and the chance to work with the latest and most cutting-edge technology in the industry. So why wait? Join our team today and let’s build the future together!

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