Advanced Solutions for a Greener Future

Manufactured in Australia

Ecoboxtec designs and manufactures advanced solutions to accelerate community engagement towards a greener future.

With innovative technology at its core, Ecoboxtec redefines the process of recycling beverage containers.

A Sustainable World

At Ecoboxtec we are proud to provide innovative recycling solutions, contributing to leaving the planet in a cleaner state for the future generations.

We believe that our products support people in their daily life to reduce litter, creating a more sustainable world for their children !




Our Products

At Ecoboxtec, we are open and proud to offer you a wide range of products to make waste management easier, including :

Our technological innovations meet today’s needs, combining creativity at the leading edge of technology.

We are committed to providing quality solutions to your waste challenges while supporting the Australian industry.

Support & Services

Our remote monitoring platform and field technicians keep your Ecoboxtec products in perfect working order.

Plastic Oceans Australasia is a charity that aims at changing the world’s attitude towards plastic within a generation. When depositing containers, members of the public have the choice to receive their 10 cents refund or donate to our partner Plastic Oceans Australasia. We are supporting their work by implementing this option on every RVM we build.

Advanced Solutions for a Greener Future